What is Homeschool Bootcamp?

Homeschool Bootcamp is my video crash course on How To Rock at Homeschooling and Also  Enjoy It. ;-) Watch the on-demand videos and download the resources whenever you’d like — you have immediate and forever access.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Are your kids struggling in traditional school, but the thought of homeschooling overwhelms you?

  • Are you excited to homeschool, but need an older, wiser friend to walk alongside you?

  • Are you anxious about balancing homeschool with all of your other roles?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the curriculum options out there?

  • Are you suffering from burnout, and needing a homeschool reset?

  • Do you have a particular child who may be difficult to homeschool, and need to come up with a plan that WORKS?

You can rock at homeschooling. We can help.

Make homeschooling one of your best decisions yet.

Homeschool Bootcamp offers step-by-step training to help you thrive as a homeschool mom. You'll gain confidence as you:

  • Master the three secret skills of healthy homeschooling moms.

  • Identify what YOU personally need to thrive as a homeschool mom

  • Learn exactly what you need to legally homeschool, and create a "Peace of Mind" homeschooling notebook with all your legal paperwork.

  • Curate the best curriculum for your family using in-depth reviews of popular curricula.

  • Create a plan in advance for power struggles.

  • Design fun family traditions and actually enjoy this season with your family!

Course curriculum

Homeschool Bootcamp includes absolutely everything you need to begin your homeschooling journey. Here's what's included:

    1. Your Homeschool Bootcamp Action Steps + Checklist

    2. Resources Mentioned In Homeschool Bootcamp

    3. Curriculum Planning Sheet

    4. Favorite Read Aloud Books

    5. First Chapter Books for Kids to Read on Their Own:

    6. Customizable Weekly Assignment Chart for Grades 5-8

    1. Welcome! Meet Jessica and Learn About This Course

    2. Exercise 2: Homeschool Pep Talk (Master the Three Magical Skills of Moms Who Rock Homeschooling)

    3. Exercise 3: Let's Get Practical: Three Things You Must Do Before Homeschooling

    4. Exercise 4: Watch This Before You Choose Curriculum

    1. Exercise 5: Kindergarten Curriculum

    2. Exercise 6: First Grade Curriculum

    3. Exercise 7: Grades 2-4 Curriculum

    4. Exercise 8: Homeschooling Middle School (Grades 5-8)

    5. Exercise 9: Morning Time + Easy Electives To Add To Your Day for Elementary

    6. Exercise 10: History Curriculum Reviews

    7. Exercise 11: Science Curriculum Reviews

    1. Exercise 12: Balancing Homeschool With Housework and Cooking

    2. Exercise 13: How To Enjoy Homeschooling and Not Feel Like a Drill Sergeant

    3. Exercise 14: Homeschooling With A Toddler Around!

    1. EOG Testing

  • $29.00
  • 21 lessons

Meet Jessica

Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt taught middle school language arts for over five years. While she loved being a teacher, she saw that many children struggle in traditional classrooms, and she longed to give something different to her own kids. She is now a ten-year veteran homeschooling mom and has loved every minute. (That's a lie. But *most* of them.) Jessica's family spent three years in a nationally-recognized homeschool co-op until she and a few friends branched out to design their own co-op from the ground-up. As an author of two parenting books, a speaker, a lifelong educator, and a champion of faint-hearted homeschooling mothers, Jessica is thrilled to energize moms whose hearts long to homeschool.

Bonus material

  • Customizable Weekly Checklist

    No more nagging about schoolwork! This is the actual chart my kids and I use for the week to track assignments.

  • Favorite Read Aloud Books for The Family

    My never-before published list of the books we have most enjoyed as a family!

  • Support + An Engaging Community

    Don't worry -- you won't be alone. You can reach me by email, comment under my videos, and learn from other moms in the private Facebook group. We've got this!

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